Useful links for your next adventure

Hitchwiki: All information about hitchhiking in all countries and areas will be found. How easy is it to hitch? What should be considered? Do you use your thumb or forefinger in this area?

Wikivoyage: Very useful information about countries and cities, how to get around, what to do. Sightseeing’s, local restaurants etc.

Trashwiki: Where to find food for free which can be saved from the trash bin.

Nomadwiki: Especially for Nomads. How to travel very cheap and information about camping and hitching for all countries.

Workaway: You want to stay longer at a place, get in contact with locals as well as with other nomads? Workaway offers Hosts, where you can stay for free.In return you usually have to work 3-5h per day and 5 days per week. Some hosts even provide food.

Couchsurfing: CouchSurfing is a homestay and social networking service – you find hosts which offer a couch or bed for free. You can either directly request lodging from members or post your travel plans publicly and receive offers from hosts. There are also events where you can participate and meet other couchsurfers.

Auswärtiges Amt: The German ministry of foreign affairs provides always actual travel and safety instructions on all countries. There are also some other countries providing such a service.

Wikipedia: We use it primarily to get information about countries’ history.

Google Translate: With this app you can download a lot of languages and even store them offline on your smartphone. Thanks to augmented reality the app uses your camera and translates words live which are on products in the supermarket or on menus in the restaurant. I’m sure there are endless more use cases where the app may help you.

Google Maps: Store maps offline and use navigation even you are offline. Once stored offline, the most important sightseeings and hotels etc. are also availible offline. In some countries like Iran Google Maps works much better then Store all maps (the whole world) offline and plan routes offline. But the app hasn’t as much points of interest as Google maps has.

WiFi Map: If you have no sim card in a country but you need wifi somewhere, just use the app to get passwords from mostly public wifi hotspots. Best dictionary on the smartphone! It’s possible to store languages offline.

AirBnB: Traveling can be exhausting – you always meet new people and you get yourself in new environments – there is nearly no routine. Your brain needs a break from time to time – use AirBnB to rent a room or flat. Imho AirBnb is much better then But of course an other possibility would be to just ask for apartments on-site or use local platforms (may be cheaper).

Santander: The only bank which offers completely free credit cards. No withdrawal charge at cash machines world-wide. No charge for foreign currency exchange.

HanseMerkur: Travel insurance up to 5 years.

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