Thoughts after 4 months of traveling

4 months ago we started traveling in Germany. Most of that time we spent in Georgia, the caucasus country. On July 15th 2019 it was sunny and hot and we planned to always avoid winter and the cold. Plans changed and we learned a lot – about countries, cultures, but most of all about ourselves.

1 month of travelling per country isn’t enough

The way of travelling (hitchhiking and with our tent) fits us perfectly – we are really happy with that. We save a lot of money, it’s environmently-friendly and we meet a lot of people which we wouldn’t meet otherwise. First we planned to travel for 1 month in each country in average – now we know that’s not gonna work out for us. If we really like a place, why not stay as long as we enjoy it? We have to remind ourselves regularly that we have no time pressure – there is no job and no flat at home waiting for us. So why not staying longer at beautiful places?

When we worked 40 hours and more back home, we thought we would have plenty of time as soon as we start our traveling around the world. We wanted to do daily stretching and some gym excercices. Keeping our Instagram channel up to date etc. On the way we started projects like this new website, where we wanted to publish blog posts regularly. Also a new instagram channel for food pics. Daily filming with our camera and GoPro. Sorting and cutting our film material. Some Freelance-Jobs…

Time flies.

Actually time flies pretty fast and we never manage to take care of all our todo’s – even though we have no regular work schedule. One reason could be that we have plenty of new ideas and start new projects almost daily. In addition, you meet lots of people who you spent time with – whether on Couchsurfing, in cars or just on the streets.

When we stay in our tent, our daily routine depends on the sun setting and rising. When it gets dark, there is nothing else than crawling into our tent. That’s why we regularly need a roof over our head – to have a stable internet connection and to finish some stuff even though it’s already dark outside.

Cooking time increased dramatically due to the fact that we try to cook for ourselves. Going out into a restaurant is an absolute exception. Normally, we always cook and/or bake twice a day and so we also have to go to the supermarket at least every second day. Actually, cooking takes several hours per day since we try to prepare healthy and also new delicious dishes, which we never did before.
Cuddling. We need daily time for cuddling or for just doing nothing except watching a movie or reading a book (Tobi not so much).

To sum it up, it feels absolutely right what we’re doing and we are happier than ever. Even though traveling around the world is a bit different than we expected just 4 months ago.


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